Light and pretty

Been awhile nowWell, okaaayQuiet a long whileBut I found somethingSomething light and pretty I look at her every timesometimes, I smilebecause those times,I see no imperfectionsI see a perfect being at times though,I frownbecause I realize she’s flawedno, its okay to be flawedbut she sees it differentlyand it hurts that she does she’s light andContinue reading “Light and pretty”

The Relationship

This is among the 15items of the’ll be hearing this a couple of times..because I just wanna keep us in that mood. Well..hey again awesome onesā¤ ..I’m so psyched up about this because somehow I’m gonna figure out alot myself. I’ll focus on the relationship that I’m well conversant with ..which in my caseContinue reading “The Relationship”

Just do it_while you still can..

Or for rather see it this it while it still lasts. We lose things,people,memories,happy moments and so much more we wish we’d never lose. Sometimes, we realize we never took time to appreciate that person, say proper goodbye to that awesome human, used that special thing properly..we regret or wish if only they’dContinue reading “Just do it_while you still can..”