The Relationship

This is among the 15items of the’ll be hearing this a couple of times..because I just wanna keep us in that mood.

Well..hey again awesome ones❤

..I’m so psyched up about this because somehow I’m gonna figure out alot myself.

I’ll focus on the relationship that I’m well conversant with ..which in my case is the romantic relationship.So guuuyysssss let’s talk about love..shall we❤? The challenge described it point of view on anything that’s related to relationships in short I’m gonna talk about..My point of view towards the romantic relationship ( picture me holding some microphone ready than I could ever be😂). Enough with the psyche…let’s get into my heart and mind.

It all starts with wanting to be more than friends.

To cuddle in the cold night..and dedicate songs to fall in love too deeply😭😭❤ that if we ever let each other go..’that shouldn’t ever be an option💯’because its gonna tear us apart.

I’m not going to use the word lovers because I don’t like for a romantic relationship … Two souls are in love… Being in a RR( using that to replace romantic relationship ) for me first is a BIG deal.. Its being able to feel safer in this one person than in any other. The fact that I see you as someone whose more than a friend .. You’re more like a gem..a precious stone…you’re a treasure basically I value you because you belong in here( I’m holding my heart) .

RR is more like a decision that has been made with lots of thought and if you ask me..its not dependent on the things you see.. Its the hearts decision and so for me..I view it as the heart’s bidding or choice of liking. You at some point tell each other that’re holding my heart and vice versa. As much as it sounds impossible..fact is we’ve held people’s heart at some point and some held ours…so its risky because sometimes..we hold the wrong hearts and other times we let go of hearts that were meant for us..RR is full of bad but teachable decisions..but at the same makes us choose the risks worth taking.

I don’t know how to put this… But for me being in an RR would mean we complement each sounds weird because we’d say that ..its just a relationship not marriage buuut since this was my point of view guys😂.. I need to find a me that’s incomplete in you .. I need to not want to call someone else when you are my everyone know like to be able to feel the love and just never want to feel any other..its more like a whole new world that’s full of roses have thorns? If yes..well even when it pricks there’s something that I just wouldn’t wanna be away from..its more of the you that completes me..that can make this soul stay❤

What’s the point of being in a RR when I can’t be afraid of losing someone?its all about hope..hoping that we’ll grow into this and learn and make it. Everyone I ever loved.. I feared losing them and when I did..and I got hurt and all… I still wouldn’t love someone and not fear losing them unless I didn’t at all. Maybe its not safe because not everyone is good buut why did you take the risk of being in a RR..because it was worth the risk? Right? And if you have reasons like because you were lonely..gerrarrahia!😂( get out of here)I’m not talking to you because that is something else…sorry to say..So if you love..take it easy but love hard ..if you are okay with them not being around then just don’t risk taking it far..please!! I love enough to not want to lose 😪❤💯..because then..I know I have truly loved and if someone else does then I know I am loved.

RR is for the strong ..but if you are weak you become strong in the process 😪😂..its about embracing the bad days..the pillow cries at night when no one’s awake ( when those single fellas sleep😂💀) ..its about you being misunderstood and you misunderstanding actions or words..its about you feeling less loved when truth is they’ve either moved on,gotten tired,fallen out of love,or are just busy and can’t bring their head around everything including you..its about giving people space and time even when you fear that they’re gonna forget you..its about not being able to feel the vibe and they suddenly don’t care..its about waking up to finding that you love someone so much that it scares the shit out of you ..its never all good if you ask me ..but even with all this its the best thing that you can ever feel because ALL THESE IS ABOUT YOU BEING HUMAN.and that’s totally okay..and maybe for some it’s not all about that. ..but for my point of view sake’s..its that a RR need to be real!its fun that way😂😂💯..anyway..beware of toxicity and run from it babbbyyyyy😩😂💯.

I’m done though there’s alot that you guys have and I’d like to hear or know sooo can’t wait to read in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading this post yet again. Be safe as you love and don’t forget to love yourself even more.


  1. Ahhh, romance… one of the many things I know a bit about in theory but have pretty much no experience in practice haha

    “The heart’s bidding or choice of liking”… what a beautiful way of putting it, Shan~ If only our hearts weren’t so stupid as to choose the wrong people- you’d think they’d be a little better at picking with the brain directing everything

    “But for me being in an RR would mean we complement each sounds weird because we’d say that ..its just a relationship not marriage” buuuut relationships would, preferably, LEAD to marriage so it’s not weird at all! You wouldn’t say “I wanna be in a relationship with this person cause they’re cool but I wanna marry this other person because they compliment me” – one’s sweetheart should be the same person! Yeah yeah, I know I sound like a hopeless romantic now but idc, that’s how I feel! Ya know?

    “even when it pricks there’s something that I just wouldn’t wanna be away from..its more of the you that completes me..that can make this soul stay❤” I love this part~ Platonically, I mean LOL! But still, wonderful insight—gotta stick with someone through the good AND the bad! After all, we all have a dark side, and… well if you can find someone who will still find you beautiful and you still find beautiful even when you wanna punch em (not condoning abuse btw ^^) then you’re on the right track!

    “What’s the point of being in a RR when I can’t be afraid of losing someone?” … okay, just gonna expose me like this?

    I don’t know if you currently are in a RR or not, but if you are: I hope you truly stay together forever, and can work out the bad days better than anyone could before~ And if you’re not… I hope you find that person who’s just right for you ;v; Or if he finds you… either way works-

    I hope you have a very merry Christhanuzah~ (Christmas, Hanukkah, AND Kwanzaa!) Btw I love your new profile picture!

    P.S – I don’t like the word “lover” either- it just feels… illicit and… w r o n g-

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    1. Took me long enough to read such a great comment🤧❤💯..
      Woooww..thanks so much and actually I feel great now that you got me and even added more reasons why I should totally stick to what I believe…thanks aloootttt and for the wishessss.thanks so much too ..and thanks for the compliment on my profile picture❤❤..I wish you a very merry Christhanuzah tooooo
      You sure think like me😵💯💯💯

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Life gets busy, I get it~! ^-^

        You are so very welcome, just Shan~ I’m so glad you feel great now! Not gonna lie, I thought most people thought like you regarding love – it just makes sense! (´。• ᵕ •。`) I’m glad my little comment could brighten your day!

        And of course! I can’t tell if it’s you or not, but your profile picture is so pretty~ Even if it isn’t you, great choice in model! ^v^

        Us hopeless romantics have to stick together~ ⌒▽⌒

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