Brave Enough

Heeey favorite people❤,

Well, I’ve never started my blog post with a greeting. ( I kinda had my reasons ) But its all different today ! May you all find peace and goodness. Just like you’d guess,I’m lying facing upwards thinking. Suddenly,this thought gets to me. I couldn’t help it so I took a hold of my phone and I wrote something for us.

This is to those whose moods are fucked up. Those struggling to put a smile on their faces,its okay. This is also to all of you who’d want someone to hold and tell you love them but they’re far away or they don’t exist. This is to everyone who feels low,alone,depressed and anxious. I feel your pain,anguish,loneliness and I’m here to say hello. Because you matter!You’re brave!

You’re brave enough to see through the day. Just the fact that you made it to today,makes you brave.

You’re are brave enough to want things to make sense. Even amidst all chaos,you still hang in there.

You’re brave enough to let your tears flow when its too heavy to hold it inside. After all the grief, disappointments and betrayal

You’re brave enough to still want to be good. You still want to stay friends with people who’d want nothing but pain for you.

You’re brave enough to seek your happiness. Saying no to things that no longer excite you even if you still feel alone.

You’re brave enough to want it all. The love,the peace,the money and good life. Even if there’s no way its gonna happen.

You’re brave enough to let it go. Just because its available doesn’t mean it right,so the fact that you let it go makes you brave.

You’re brave enough to take that step in self discovery. You’ve been through all bad things and you no longer know yourself.

You’ve always been brave because through it all,you’d still wish that someday the sun will rise and you will smile again. That no matter how tough the tide is,you’re gonna get better and the tide will turn one day. The pandemic could be making it a hell of a year for you,you get losses feel tired and wish you’d be’re brave to still run your business. Sometimes back I wished I were dead( have always wished I were esp when the pain is unbearable) and I was so sure that was the only way I’d be happy. But now that I look back,what keeps me from wanting to lose it all is YOU. You matter to me because have been there,I was alone. But I wouldn’t want you to be alone,so hang in there..take deep breaths. As long as you’re still here,alive..there’s hope. Be brave enough and wait for hope to get to you if you think it hasn’t yet.

Don’t forget I love you and you matter! I mean it or else I would have written some sweet exciting story and not make you realize how brave you are. You people are what made me see things differently. You made me want to live to see you come up happier than ever.

You don’t have to believe all these, you just have to say it to yourself, its okay to feel all that,to make mistakes, to lose everything,to fight back at nothing..its okay to struggle. So to you, just do it! Tell yourself you’re brave enough and that everything someday will be worth your every minute under your pillow wishing things could be better. Because each day I see how brave you are. Make a difference and this time see it for yourself!


  1. The ‘I mean it or else’ almost sounded like a threat😂😂 Its so beautiful how you went out of your way to convince us that we all matter and theres a reason to go out there and be happy..Thank you💕

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    1. 😂😂😂maybe some work well under threats
      But honestly I do care a lot for such people and I really hope they’re safe and being brave every day knowing someone here wants to see them all smiles btw

      Liked by 2 people

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